Just have to vent. Waiting for my mom at the cancer center in Stonybrook. Just by the very name of the facility, it’s a pretty safe bet that everyone here is at least a little on edge – with many being visibly shaken and clearly upset.

I am just waiting for mom to have a test. Besides the fact that any test brings with it a certain amount of anxiety – especially after a serious medical diagnosis in the past – I am not especially worried about this one. Her doctor has told me not to be and, he is a man who can be trusted.

Here is my issue. There is a couple to my left who have decided that a cancer treatment center at 8 o’clock on the morning is where they should bring their whining, hyperactive, hungry children. I can’t tell if they are waiting for one of them to be called in to have a test or if they have brought someone else with them and are waiting for them to come out. In any case, during all of the time that I was going through tests and treatments and surgeries, I made EVERY effort to keep the little ones at home. Now, believe me, there were many times when it would have been easier to bring them with me – I would have had to do a lot less juggling and favor asking – but, an environment like this is not a place for kids. It’s not fair to the patients- or to the kids.

I am trying to remain calm and not shoot the kid who just screeched and threw some kind of coin at the ceiling a dirty look. I love kids and know deep down that it is not his fault but really, people, leave em home.

This has been a public service announcement.