Ten years ago, I made the same kind of New Year’s Resolutions that most people make. I will lose some weight, I will watch less TV, I will stop smoking, etc. Although these are certainly all positive resolutions, now that I am an almost ten year (Oh my GOD) cancer survivor, my resolutions have changed a bit.

Here is the list I made for myself this year.

  • I will be positive that the cancer is gone, that it is never coming back and that I am going to survive another year.


  • I resolve to continue to work on not sweating the small stuff. And, believe me, the “small stuff” changes after a major traumatic life event. Small, for me, is now pretty much anything that doesn’t leave me homeless, hospitalized or dead.


  • I will continue to live life to the fullest. Sure, that may mean I am often exhausted but, I will continue to fill every waking moment making memories that I will treasure forever. It could be celebrating the holidays with my family, partying with friends, or just sitting in my candle lit living room watching movies with my husband. In the words of my ever wise mother, “I will rest when I’m dead.”


  • I resolve to continue to be there, anytime, anywhere for my loved ones. You can always make time for those who need you, and you should.


  • I hope and plan to be able to remain open to receive love and assistance from those who love me. It is only as I get older that I understand that it is just as important to allow others to help me as it is for me to b e there for them.


  • I will keep all of my doctor appointments, take my medicine, and have any tests that are necessary, regardless of how terrified I may be. I owe this to myself and everyone else who loves me.


  • And, most of all, I vow to remain grateful and humble that my life was spared. It is not lost on me that I could be gone by now. I am so blessed that my children have a mother, my husband a wife, my friends their “Nic” , my siblings their sister and my parents their first born.  One positive thing that has come out this last decade for me, as hard as it was, is that many of the people in my life have expressed to me what I mean to them. I am lucky enough to have been told just how much I mean to so many people. It helps to keep me strong when I am feeling weak, it helps to motivate me to stay healthy and it just makes living my life that much sweeter.


If you haven’t made your New Year’s resolution yet maybe this can be it, that you will tell the people in your life what they mean to you, even if they aren’t diagnosed with cancer or some other illness? I think that would be great! Happy New Year everyone!