One Thanksgiving, back when Jack was in preschool, his teacher asked the kids what they were thankful for.  The answers were pretty much what you’d expect; my mommy, my daddy, my dog, my house, my teacher, my school. The answers were placed on a leaf that was then placed on a big construction paper tree in the hallway.

When I went for the Thanksgiving day feast at the school (yum!), I stopped with the other parents in the hall to take a look at all of the answers our little darlings gave to one the most thoughtful question they had ever been asked up to that point.

I saw Jack’s leaf before Al did. I stopped in my tracks. There were two Jacks in the class. Maybe if I didn’t say anything, the other parents would think that it was that other Jack who gave the response, “I am thankful for…….Turkey.”

Turkey, Jack. Really? Not mom or dad or your brother or your dog or your grandparents or your toys, even? Turkey?

The other parents laughed and I laughed right along with them. But, I couldn’t help but to wonder why?

Now, over five years later, I realize that my son is genius.

See, he realized back then what it’s all about. I know, I know, we are supposed to be thankful for our health, for our families, for our shelter and food and etc, etc.

But, the bottom line is, when your life is really and truly full and things are peaceful, it’s the little things that you find yourself being thankful for. When you have your health and your loved and you are content and happy, you are thankful for turkey on Thanksgiving.

What makes it even sweeter for me is that virtually Jack’s entire life, up to that point, had been filled with turmoil because of my cancer. Clearly, we did a pretty good job of making him feel loved and special and safe, in spite of it all.

So, this year my hope for you all is that you are very thankful for Turkey.