I sat down to read my People magazine the other day, all cozy with the fireplace going, and a hot cup of tea. I was so comfortable with the warm pjs on and my dog at my feet. I was all ready for some mindless entertainment.

As I flipped the pages, I read about which celebrity took their kids to the park, where Brangelina was spending their Spring Break, who had divorced, had a baby, was getting married/divorced.  Then, I turned the page and my heart skipped a beat.

There before me was a picture of a woman with no limbs. No arms, no legs, no hands, no feet.  I knew I should probably turn the page and not read the article since, I could clearly see the word “infection” sprinkled throughout but, like watching a train wreck, I couldn’t look away.

This woman had just given birth to her third child. All seemed to be well. The usual after birth pictures were taken and there was one in the magazine of her holding her newborn, a look of pride and happiness on her face.

A few hours later, everything changed. She became ill with a virulent strain of Staph (you might have heard it called the “flesh eating disease”) and within hours, she was in a coma. Her husband was told that the only hope of saving her was to amputate both of her arms and her legs.  Her poor husband. To have to make a decision like that. I can’t even imagine.

He chose to try to save her and cried at her bedside, praying that she would forgive him.

Well, I was glad that I read on because, when I turned the page, there was the woman, eating dinner with her family, being lifted into the family van for some outing, and laying with her new daughter, beaming with joy.

I am constantly amazed and encouraged and inspired by the human spirit. I constantly find ways to realize how very lucky I am, even when things are really, really hard. When the pain is bad, when my scars ache and my clothes don’t fit right and my energy is low and even when  I can’t hold notes as long as I used to when I sing  because the radiation has affected my lungs. I am lucky.

I may have lost a lot but, I have my arms and my legs. I may hurt when I walk long distances but, I can walk unassisted.

I couldn’t lift my babies for a few months but, I healed and could lift them again.

Once again I am reminded to remember the things that I DO have, and not concentrate on the things that I have lost.

It’s all in how you look at it, and what the circumstances are when you are thinking about it. I can safely say, after reading that article, that I am lucky. Very lucky. Or, maybe blessed is a better word.

Happy Easter everyone.