I just got back from a walk with my dog, Brody, who is actually also a cancer survivor We usually walk at night but, the sun was finally out and it was a little bit warmer than it’s been so, we went for it.

With each step that I took, I felt myself unwinding, relaxing. For some reason, the lyric “sometimes, all  I need is the air that I breathe and to love you” from that sixties song (I think it was the Hollies) kept repeating itself over and over in my head. I breathed the air in and felt peace.

The lyrics are true, in my opinion. Simple yet powerful. If experience has taught us anything, it’s that fame, money and material things do not make us happy. Look at the news and just about every day you hear of some privileged, famous or rich individual overdosing, losing their minds (hello, Charlie Sheen) or going to jail (DUI, assaults, beating their spouses, etc).

I’m not talking about poverty, mind you. That is a whole separate issue that I don’t have the expertise to speak on.

I am talking about the fact that I believe that the happiest people are the ones that have enough money to live comfortably and have their basic needs taken care of and are surrounded by love.

So, again, “all I need is the air that I breathe and to love you”.

It’s wonderful to be alive. It felt so empowering to take those breaths. It made me so grateful to have survived and to finally be healthy and strong enough to walk the dog and to know that he, too, is still here despite his own diagnosis.

Love, people, and often!

I work full-time running a business, have two very active boys (one a preteen, God help me!), a husband and am a total neat freak. Still, I make time to have breakfast, lunch and/or dinner with each of my girlfriends at least once a month. I have BBQs at my house, block parties and holidays. I surround myself, as much as possible, with people I love.

I truly believe that this has been a key to my staying strong in my recovery. I know that for any surgery, doctor visit or medical scare, I have the power of the combined love of all of these wonderful people.

I am truly blessed.

Love to all…..