So, all’s well that ends well but, it was an emotionally tough week.

I had plans to go out with a few friends to see a psychic in a group setting, dinner and dessert included. Now, I am a very big skeptic when it comes to psychics. I do believe that there may be some people who have a gift and can tap into a part of themselves that others can’t. I do believe in signs and symbols in life but, not as easily or as quickly as others might.  Bottom line is, I was going for a night out with good friends, not for some need to connect to a passed love one. I was there for pure entertainment.

We are seated at dinner tables. I am next to Lauren, who is a fan of this  psychic and set the night up. After dinner, a motivational speaker spoke for around fifteen minutes and then, the psychic came on.

We were told that we should raise our hands if we had a question, and then, the psychic would answer it. Well, the room was shy and no one raised their hand.  He then asked if there was a Lauren in the room. When Lauren raised her hand, we heard oohs and aahs. Lauren and I, however, both knew that Lauren had been e-mailing the psychic that morning. He knew that there would be a Lauren in the house!

Anyway, the “readings” were generic and predictable. People were told that their loved ones were around them, were not mad at them, were at peace, were free, etc.  Frankly, the guy had no personality, either. It was like watching paint dry (a phrase I wrote down and passed to my friend, Andrea, like a five year old).

At some point, a woman stood up and asked “is my son around me?”. I leaned in to Lauren and whispered, “Of course he is”.

That was it. Lauren lost her mind. She laughed for a good five straight minutes. She leaned forward and her body was shaking. There were even tears. And, I laughed. With everything I had. She was contagious. Anita, sitting to my right, rubbed my arm in an effort to make it seem as though we were crying. I turned to Lauren and did the same thing. Now, don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a loud laughter. We were careful about that knowing that there were people in the room who had recently lost loved ones and were there for some sort of comfort but, boy did it feel good.

Finally, we composed ourselves.

Some time passed and then a woman in the front of the room stood up.  Her question began something like this:

“I have been trying out something new spiritually and have been dialoguing with my body. The other night, I was talking to my toe…..”

That’s all we heard. The laughter was immediate and almost violent in it’s intensity. Really? She was talking to her toe? This time, it wasn’t just Lauren and I. There were snickers all over the room. But, Lauren and I had a great friend moment. One of those moments that we will never forget. One of pure joy. In that moment together, we were truly happy.

As I laughed, I felt all of the tension of the week melting away. I felt relaxed and at ease.  I had that wonderful feeling in my stomach and that euphoric feeling in my brain. Better than any drug.

Luckily,  I went to use the ladies room and, when I came back, Anita was sitting at the bar outside the room we had been in. I sat with her and we didn’t go back in until we heard the applause letting us know it was over. Lauren and I enjoyed a few more belly laughs on the way home, and I crawled into bed and slept soundly and wonderfully.

I have always believed in the power of laughter. When I was having chemotherapy, my appointments would be on a Thursday and I would take Friday off to rest and get ready for the sickness that would generally start Saturday. I watched the entire series of “Sex and the City” during those Fridays. I laughed. It helped.

My sisters are very funny. We laugh a lot in my family. No matter what is going on, we make every effort to find the humor in it.

Like the time we went to Disney when I was bald and wearing wigs. After spending a whole, hot day at one of the parks, we all piled into the minivan to go back to the hotel. My sister, Chrissy, and brother in law, Jay, were with us. My head was hot and sweaty and I couldn’t take it for another second. I grabbed the wig off of my head, chucked it behind me (I believe I referred to it as a squirrel), and it landed on Jay’s lap. His face was classic and we all had a good laugh.

I am a firm believer in the old saying “laughter is the best medicine”.

I hope you laugh today.