You gain a certain sense of perspective when you are diagnosed with a potentially life threatening disease. Unfortunately for those around you, this can sometimes come off as uncaring or unsympathetic. I am working on this. I need to remember that everything is relative.

When I hear someone complaining that they have a cold, or a sinus head ache, or a stiff neck, or an itchy mosquito bite, I have to count to ten. When I hear someone bitching that they have to go for their annual well check, or that they have a dentist appointment, or that they had to wait an hour at the doctor’s office to get their flu shot, I want to scream.

Try having three or four doctor visits a month. Try having tumor markers taken and then waiting for the results. Try having a poison injected into your veins or a shot in your ass every three months. You get the picture. I long for the days when I had a doctor visit once a year and a dentist appointment every six months. When I went to the doctor with the attitude that nothing could possibly be wrong.

What really burns me is when I hear pregnant people complain. You are not sick, ladies, you are pregnant. It is one of the most amazing and miraculous things you will ever go through. Sure, you may be nauseous or tired and it hurts like hell to go through labor but, the end result is a human being that you will love like you can’t imagine.

I know that this attitude is not fair. Again, everything is relative and, again, it is something I am working on.

Those who love me understand. I know that they make an effort not to “sweat the small (medical) stuff” around me.  And, I appreciate and love them for it.

But, as I work on it maybe others can work on not sweating the small medical stuff. Be thankful that there is no reason to worry when you go for a routine examination with no symptoms, be happy that you have teeth to be cleaned and the ability to get a flu shot. Thank God that you have a cold and not meningitis.  Be happy that you were able to physically labor hard enough to pull a muscle or have a sore back.

Treasure your health.  Until it’s in peril you have no idea how important it is. Take it from me.