Ok so, here we go. I took a poll of my “facebook friends” and the consensus was that I may actually have something interesting or inspiring to say after living my life’s journey to this point.

I have decided to write a book and am in the process of completing some writing exercises (yes, I researched “how to write a non fiction book at Barnes and Noble – my obsessive compulsive personality is showing). After doing some of these exercises, particularly the ones where you just write whatever you think, I have to say, it should be a pretty decent book.

Some friends advised me that I should use a blog in order to get people interested in my book and to share how the book is progressing and thus, here I am.

I encourage and will appreciate any feedback that I can get. I have a very diverse group of people in my life and certainly that should serve me well. I hope that some of you find it interesting or even inspiring. I have had a lot of crap go on in my life (as have many of you) and I am still standing strong. I guess there is a reason. My writing the book is my way to try and pinpoint what that reason is and share with others who may have to go through some of the same things I have.

When I first told me mother (my hero) that I was thinking about writing a book on my experience with breast cancer, she asked why I would limit myself to that subject? I have had many more experiences in my life that would qualify me as a “survivor”.  And, so, while the book will certainly have a large amount of time dedicated to my cancer journey, it will also be about my life’s journey.

I hope you come along for the ride!